ablab by dan norton. systems, objects, movement, data. tuning the impulse, desire for stimulus, the will to resist. loops and consequences, actions triggering event. gorge on electrons or do nothing. elaborate feedback leads to silence, as surely as the lead guitarist winds up deaf.

Use of eye tracking, motion data, low resolution cameras, digital collections, sonic and graphic buttons, surveillance street lighting. in different places: art galleries, public space, film festivals, technology conferences, scientific forum, political science.

Recent, with University Autonoma Barcelona, British Council, Leonardo, IJART, ILI, Sonar D+, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Brot Für Die Welt, Dic Drac, E-bike Palma.

Currently with Machine Vision Group at Computer Vision Centre, BCN, and Associated Professor with Department of Computer Science, University Autonoma Barcelona. And repair bicycles in Palma.