noose and tune

Leather Clad Feet
there was an elite 50 pence piece
sitting on the sidewalk
beneath your feet
i wanted to pick it up
but you’d know right then
that i was a dirty rotten nowhere man
so i smiled at you
but deep inside
i wanted to be plunging between your thighs
to pick up the 50 pence elite piece
dancing on the floor
by your beautiful 
white leather clad feet


other side of the show

the accusations are starting
so this should be a good one
this is were he starts shouting at himself
telling him he’s rotten
he jumps upon his shoulders
he even kicks him in his head
he really doesn’t like him
and he’s only in the bed
he’s done nothing it true
he’s just lies there like a child
but he’s a dirty little bastard
and i don’t like the way he smiles

so we wrestle a little 
and fall to the ground
and tumble around the bend
he jumps up and says i’m out of here
i say: but i’m your friend
we fought and fought and in the end
i agreed it was the best
that we separate forever 
and never stand the test
of time to see what could become
if we hung to the end
to watch one fall
the other send
all his grief to the universe
all his smiles to the past
all his hope for forever, in the future
hanging on

there’s a vacuum from here to there
and i’m going to jump it
and you’re going to stare
down i’m going to tumble
into the glen
right at the bottom there’s a silly looking gent
he picks me up and dusts me off
and sends me on my way
i’ve been wondering for years
if i was gay
but i made it to the city
i borrowed all i could 
i took it to some mischief
i burnt some in the wood
i run around a lot 
had far too many dances
but never ever took any dangerous chances

i made it to here, and now there’s a limp
stupid rhythm, i think it’s been sent
from a child’s hidden vest
in the ruin by the way
nobody could find it 
it was buried ‘neath the hay

well the story ain’t so true
nobody ever was there
the farmer always worked the field
he didn’t really care
when it was all over
the farmer wasn’t really sad 
he walked to the village 
and drank on the mat

there’s a bubbling in the glass
that’s a bubbling in your head
drank my fill of it yesterday
made me think i’d hit
head was going to explode
heart follow through
started to dance and wiggle
like you do
i only wanted to lay down the drink
to stop it from happening
stopping me from think
but i was addicted
to somebody else’s brew
i would drink and drink and drink
like you told me to
i picked up another ruin
i said to myself
well blimey mister, i’m no elf
i’m no king of ruin, i’m no underneath
its anybody’s guess what’s going to speak
that chances are chaotic
he has to say
its a dangerous game to follow
a crazy one to play
and if you’re going to play it
i’ll tell you what to do
don’t follow the rules like they tell you to
read the book yourself
its sitting on your shelf
been there for years
makes you think there’s nothing to fear
deep breath to take
this one’s a costly tune
this one’s going to pay outside
if you can pull it off mister
it’ll break you, you know?
can you see the other side 
of the show?

to boot

underscored nobble
high on the seed.
sold to the
highest bidder

a rotten rave
mad sarcastic brute.
they forgot him before
they knew him.

forgive me i’m drunk
spoke a
a brief cry of respect, 
but there was
no content.

all had been given it away 
faster than it had been bought 
it was very costly. 

Now is not a time
to grieve.
try hard, push
heave into the unknown
jump and
spew and bumble and fail
with all tools

a deep look
distant and close
shiny as new money.

delight in a nugget
or a gem
closed eyes, deep breath
through the nose.

there’s only one way 
so you turn
and go out the same way
short steps at first
then gather momentum

this is when 
pen and pencil run out
and you have to use a
big glossy brush

the moon 
pulled me over
and shook me down
(in a calming
sort of way).


 start moving
 you’ve really got to run 
 it’s coming fast and it looks like it’s having fun
 its horns are amazing
 they're glistening in the sun
 i am running 
 but a long way from the fence
 and before i get to it
 i smack my leg on a bit of metal
 stuck out the ground
 i cry
 my shins are bloody
 the bull is coming
 friends are sat on the fence
 i crawl along the floor
 i hear the bull coming some more
 there’s blood on my shins and pain
 i cannot walk 
 i get there
 just before the bull
 friends pull me over the fence
 they couldn’t believe it was true
 the blood on my legs soon dried
 the pain lasted days
 the bruises i could not hide
 the bull it nearly got me
 but i got away. 


 there’s a champion among us
 his head is held high
 he’s terribly handsome and very healthy looking
 grisly, wild, strong, wiry,
 he won’t hang around for long 
 he’s fast
 certainly fresh
 beyond any competition
 he is a mighty man
 you really should see him

 and now he’s gone
 and we are left
 slightly fatter, slightly bent
 in younger days 
 we were much more elegant

 we talk about the day 
 when he walked along by our side
 how healthy we felt next to him
 it was as though he hid us
 we are overflowing 
 reckless and foolish 
 but the hero was amongst us

chewed lip

 'truly madly deeply' she wrote
a version of panic
very bespoke
like a chewed lip, a rampart, a fully maddening world
out with
out what?

they broke
they ran
flying crazily wild
a dog aping sideways
tooth and nail knew
through tight frantic corner
bump and skelter they ran
bruise through going nowhere
bump skelter they ran
bump skelter ran
they ran.

ring a ding

 call me please do
with your awry guttering voice
i like it i do
the ribbed and the ridged
give it to me when you come to visit me please do
a shudder and a kind word too 
like you really mean it
kind and nice like you
really mean it 
like you

call me anyway
back way and you 
can always find me 
by a trip
a visit
a knock
the bell
window too
rattle or meet
me in the street
by a seat
in my heat
you know it is true.

call me call me
you know it’s true

there they died of dysentry

 once upon a time a long time ago in a place felt more than remembered, 
there lived a dog called simon. 
simon was vicious, renown for his teeth and grim face, 
scarred though never lost in battle. so he said, 
and all believed him who listened. 
few got close enough to listen.
his viciousness was triggered by proximity. 
only one foolish small dog 
walked nearby. 
a whimpering little mutt that mostly ate garbage
and quivered in the rain. 
little mutt was called benjamin, 
though no body called him that. 
they just laughed or kicked, 
or like simon, ignored. 
benjamin was simon’s shadow. 
always behind, hidden, 
quick to avoid observation. 

the two lived on the wasteland behind the new village, 
where trucks occasionally passed to dump rubbish. 

there they died of dysentery. 

The chicken is gone, presumed dead

 i arrived home late last night
and it was gone
2 weeks ago i saw it
now not a stir
it’s nest is dead
all old eggs broken
no new eggs laid for 2 weeks or more.
i cannot remember the last egg.
i stop and i stare
at the land unturned
plants growing fresh
under none gyrated skies
fresh shoots uneaten. not pecked.
the chicken is gone
the chicken is dead
long live the chicken