cat box garbage

So I stopped and went home
wise-cracked and broken
that’s not a bad thing
didn’t give it away 
didn’t have to sell 
just sweep it up 
leave it by the table

the banging continues 
the bang in your brain 
the bang that says your not insane
the bang that knocks you over again
that tells you its time to pick up the pen

the pen won’t do!
‘cos I can’t push
I’m lazy it seems
I don’t like to rush
I like the comfort
I like the dreams
and i’m sure I’m not good enough
not as good as I seem

I'm lazy you see
there’s three types of it:
procrastination, that’ll wait in the pit,
then there's the:
‘I really like things the way that they are’
that's laziness that sits in a jar
then there’s the type that says 
i can’t do it
i’m just too old, too bent, or too ruined
that’s a laziness that’s ugly you see
false humility, the pillock cup o’ tea

so I shudder I stunk and I stood 
I reigned outside 
I ruined my ‘hood
I jumped up and down
and some thought ‘that’s quite good.’
so i stopped and went home.