burning nest love song

Then we’ve got to touch
that's not how to use your superpower
that's not the way to do it
you’ve destroyed many things
and everything stuck to it
there’s an electric buzz everywhere
and you’re making me feel crazy
in your gold spandex ballet tights 
your crazy crazy crazy

I made you watch telly 
but didn’t think that you’d copy it
I didn’t think you'd explode 
become green and start hopping it
I didn’t think you’d be bad 
I didn’t think you’d be new
I don’t know how to see you
or why do you do the things you do

anyway just stop following me 
i don’t like who you are
you’re not a superhero
you’re not even a star
you’re not even a guy
as far as i’m concerned
you’re a dirty rotten nobody 
from nobody even cares

well anyway spandex boy
i love you very much
but if we’ve got to live together
then at least we should to touch