pipe dream bugle song

Shivering with the bet
stairwells and blackberries
purple-y brown goo
dropping down the steps
it wasn’t supposed to do
the steps they were wooden
but that just meant they stained
the globules of red
that was dripping out your…

i’d like to say brain 
but it was actually a jam pot
that you’d dropped at the top
and the globular glot 
had tumbled down the stairs
touching every fecking step
and i’d be the one to clean it
while you laughed off your neck
and i stood there arms folded 
with a bitter nasty face 
and you didn’t even care 
you though it was….

ah no! can’t remember 
that last word
got confused 
i lost the way 
and nobody knew
what i had to lose
everything was gone
the pillock and the rain
and everybody ran
and looked the bleeding same
but anyway we got there
i felt rather lame
i wasn’t wearing anything
and you were wearing the same
we stood there looking foolish
and shivered quite a lot
and when it was over, darling
we tried to forget….

but there was no way out 
there is no forgetting 
i’ll always remember you
shivering with the betting