where’s the bucket

Until I was home
bog awful maybe
a thousand rotten woes
dancing on i don’t know what
no way through for sure
anyway, i finally got out over
and through and round the bend
and hurtling down the street
as though it was the end
of my life approaching from behind
but in actual fact it was just
a copper and a boot
full of iron and rust 
it was tramping after me
to  get me, i was running 
like a grain of sand 
disappearing down a hole
something was not the same

i slipped and i slithered
and i hid for a while
the copper passed behind
and i saw a little squirrel
jump from behind
the tree
and bugger off!
and i didn’t know what to do
i knew if i moved 
the copper would hear me
hanging out with you

i picked my nose a bit
i took a deep breath
i lay down for the night
i didn’t catch my breath

the morning when i woke
shoppers were walking passed me
in the street
i stood up and dust myself off
put my hands in my pockets
and flee
hoody, not over my head
that would be too suspicious
i kept it down and looked quite nice
until i was…