ashtray lover

Two of them fried, like a lad
it’s too personal
i don’t like it
i don’t like the way you’re walking
don’t come back again
and don’t do all that kind of talking
you’re a funny looking man too
you’ve got really scruffy lapels
go spend some money on some clothes
and stop that smell
and anytime i see you
i think you’re doing well
and everybody’s looking at you
and thinks you’re really swell
and they’re all now shouting at me
like i’m a freak in the road
like i don’t know what i’m doing 
like a don’t really know…


pour the water on him
cool him down
he’s got to calm down
he’s gonna explode
oh! the water flooded everywhere
it was a terrible mess
even the water mains system exploded
electric sparks flew everywhere
two people fried
‘nobody got out’
they lied
‘cos i did
and i’m glad to say
that i saw that exciting day

but the ones that fried, 
their families was sad
but i was up and out of there
like i were a lad