there they died of dysentry

 once upon a time a long time ago in a place felt more than remembered, 
there lived a dog called simon. 
simon was vicious, renown for his teeth and grim face, 
scarred though never lost in battle. so he said, 
and all believed him who listened. 
few got close enough to listen.
his viciousness was triggered by proximity. 
only one foolish small dog 
walked nearby. 
a whimpering little mutt that mostly ate garbage
and quivered in the rain. 
little mutt was called benjamin, 
though no body called him that. 
they just laughed or kicked, 
or like simon, ignored. 
benjamin was simon’s shadow. 
always behind, hidden, 
quick to avoid observation. 

the two lived on the wasteland behind the new village, 
where trucks occasionally passed to dump rubbish. 

there they died of dysentery.