blue pencils


I intended to deliver a mean sermon
on the power
of the sigh
instead I turn to brighter waters
and lisp weakly
about sunlight glimpsing on the ocean waves
i even dare mention a leaping dolphin
dark black in the burning sun
perhaps it was an orca

meanwhile the seething vehement urge
to spit
rotten urges of man
leaves me in peril
to growl
loud enough
for deep down i know
badness is nothing
the will to defend dumb pleasure

in the meantime
i look at the audience
a deaf lady with a machine in her ear
a child sucking a dolly
both seated
wondering if
this will end

i continue
the unrest

at last
the curtain falls
i hear a handclap
though it might have been a chair
snapping shut

i appear from inside
the puppet theatre
my human shaped gloves
and animal shaped gloves
and cut out scenery which danced across the stage
on blue pencils
take a bow

no one booed
though my main fear had been
adolescents would burn
my puppet theatre
with me inside
cheap combustable nylon
over flesh and bone.