after forgetting

a soft landing followed the journey, from bed to washbowl.
a landing on pillows strewn around the room
the bathroom
it seemed elegant at the time, he thought days later.

they were sodden, in reality.
brute force had smashed a pipe
and a dozen minds had thought the best course of action,
would be bung with bed linen.

the water was having none of it, of course.
spewing and belching with the abandon of a chimpanzee

chimpanzees, by the look on their faces, seemed to have figured out the true horror of their destiny: the ever gazed upon idiot cousin with no power except to scream and pounce. human folk now carried tazers near them. the chimps learnt fast.

the water burst forth everywhere. all were sodden by its alarm, and slamming of door and running helter-skelter for options ensued. To hide in defeat, with nothing to give to aid the problem, was the recourse of most. It was beyond them. they would not help.

however, gallant and experienced folk, found the stop tap. plaster work was saved. though carpets not.