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in the middle


begun too right again
must aim left
going between the knee
bending over backwards

never really minded much
saw a lot of black woods blue
and strawberry cocktails full of sherbet.

giving all up backwards is a grave thing to do
especially when you’re screwed on that way
the mean
the average
dead set middle
no variation
a wibble and a wobble
moves us the same way again and again.

now going to make believe
can reassure us of one thing
that i am the dreamer

waking up on the other hand
we should try to remember
and try to forget
leaving us nowhere but in the middle

looping over and around


Lying beneath the casket was a gym slip
and a little tutu
A pink cheap crimping of cotton
in a classic ballet style

In the coffin, of course
lay a child
black ribbons in her hair
crisp and still

Mother was terribly stricken
and stiff also, as though fried and dried
in movement
holding back from movement
and a quick shudder
Occasionally she’d spit

There’d been camping trips
hours by streams
the best places to stay
noisily wet and never ending
a pillow and a biscuit and sit and listen
stare at the flies
silent above the roar of water

Bitten twice she’d turned and died
in mother’s arms
they’d said, summing up the body’s response
to nature

Would it ever end
Oh it just did

burning similarities


Storms a blister
swollen oaf hanging
go around
as long as possible
but engulfed
pissed on head
and back and trouser front
endure the moment
huddle a tree
mount the road
sodden pumping
a heart of warmth
bolting within
head pelt through grey distance
high wind summit
nothing to lose
arrive home
no need for shower