rough and tumble

the beatings rained on him
broken bones 
broken skin
heart full of life
jumping around
vibrant inside

he decided to do it live
it wouldn’t really matter
no-one watched
no-one came after

he found his way to the end
no-one followed
not one friend
and when he re-appeared
there were spaghetti hoops in his beard
he was trembling and smiling
as though he’d been sweating
doing something he liked to do

many joined him and went outside 
smiled a lot and smiled a sigh
he went off on the bus
they went home without fuss

cat box garbage

So I stopped and went home
wise-cracked and broken
that’s not a bad thing
didn’t give it away 
didn’t have to sell 
just sweep it up 
leave it by the table

the banging continues 
the bang in your brain 
the bang that says your not insane
the bang that knocks you over again
that tells you its time to pick up the pen

the pen won’t do!
‘cos I can’t push
I’m lazy it seems
I don’t like to rush
I like the comfort
I like the dreams
and i’m sure I’m not good enough
not as good as I seem

I'm lazy you see
there’s three types of it:
procrastination, that’ll wait in the pit,
then there's the:
‘I really like things the way that they are’
that's laziness that sits in a jar
then there’s the type that says 
i can’t do it
i’m just too old, too bent, or too ruined
that’s a laziness that’s ugly you see
false humility, the pillock cup o’ tea

so I shudder I stunk and I stood 
I reigned outside 
I ruined my ‘hood
I jumped up and down
and some thought ‘that’s quite good.’
so i stopped and went home.

burning nest love song

Then we’ve got to touch
that's not how to use your superpower
that's not the way to do it
you’ve destroyed many things
and everything stuck to it
there’s an electric buzz everywhere
and you’re making me feel crazy
in your gold spandex ballet tights 
your crazy crazy crazy

I made you watch telly 
but didn’t think that you’d copy it
I didn’t think you'd explode 
become green and start hopping it
I didn’t think you’d be bad 
I didn’t think you’d be new
I don’t know how to see you
or why do you do the things you do

anyway just stop following me 
i don’t like who you are
you’re not a superhero
you’re not even a star
you’re not even a guy
as far as i’m concerned
you’re a dirty rotten nobody 
from nobody even cares

well anyway spandex boy
i love you very much
but if we’ve got to live together
then at least we should to touch

fibres are really strewn

Without a fuss
golly, it’s time
jump, jump before it’s over
jump, let everybody know, jump
hey! jump jump
he jumped
and he fell
he made an awful squirt
there was a muddy substance down below
filled with dirt
he banged his head
he was quite sad
he had a little bruise
the blood was pouring everywhere
and he wanted to snooze

when we got him home he was better
we sent him to bed with a cake
he smiled and passed out
he had a bit of a headache
he was so damned young he didn’t really know
just a general pain from god knows where

miraculously he’s better
he didn’t loose a day
he even moves his body 
and always sways

log title awarded to plank

What he do?
how do you get back up there?
how do you get back up there?
how do you get back up there?
how do you get back up there?
you go up the ladder
you climb up the wall
you jump on the top
that’s how you get up there
that’s how you get up there
you go up the ladder
you climb up the wall
you jump over the top
that’s how you get there

what do you do when you get there?
what do you do when you get there?
you just stand and stare
you just stand and stare
look all around you
it’s amazing you see for miles
there’s no-one around you

what’s the point of that?
I don’t want to go up there
get up there don’t be scared of anything 
it’s really wonderful 
the sun’s in your hair
i don’t want the sun in my hair
it’s high
what if i fall 
i’ll die
you’re crazy climbing up there
are you some sort of mad child?
i’m not a mad child
it’s only two foot above your head
why don’t you get up there
have a look at what i said
i’m not going up there
if i fall over its true
i’ll bust something 
i’ll break it, i’ll be in the zoo

eventually you’ve convinced me
and i’m climbing 
and the ladder’s shaking
i’m trembling i’m trembling
he’s saying just look up
keep looking up
i look down
i look up again i look up
i look down
i look up again i look up
i look down
i look up again i look up again
i keep climbing 
the ladder is shining and wobbling

i make it to the top
i’m clinging to it
i’m pressing my face in the ground
relax, stand up!
i couldn’t move
i was paralysed
but after a few minutes it became stupid
i could see his knees  
next to my head
he was stood above me
and he was still on the ground
so i stood up

and it was amazing!
i could see much further
i could see over a field
i could see cows in the other field
i wasn’t even in a field
i was in a concrete park
and there’s a cow over there
I didn’t know that, never gave it the mark
never saw it
‘cos i was so short
couldn’t see over the top
but when i stood on the box
i saw for miles
saw for miles and i saw my future
that i’d explore every part of it
and stand on boxes everywhere
i’d see even further to the other side
and keep on walking further
and when i’d get further i’d look behind
and see even further
‘cos it all looked different the other way
totally different again
i’d discovered twice as many things 
by just turning on my end
so i started walking that way too
and over there was more 
it was crazy i was just finding things
every kind of door
enter in, coming out
it was beautiful to see
everything was good for me and everything was free

pipe dream bugle song

Shivering with the bet
stairwells and blackberries
purple-y brown goo
dropping down the steps
it wasn’t supposed to do
the steps they were wooden
but that just meant they stained
the globules of red
that was dripping out your…

i’d like to say brain 
but it was actually a jam pot
that you’d dropped at the top
and the globular glot 
had tumbled down the stairs
touching every fecking step
and i’d be the one to clean it
while you laughed off your neck
and i stood there arms folded 
with a bitter nasty face 
and you didn’t even care 
you though it was….

ah no! can’t remember 
that last word
got confused 
i lost the way 
and nobody knew
what i had to lose
everything was gone
the pillock and the rain
and everybody ran
and looked the bleeding same
but anyway we got there
i felt rather lame
i wasn’t wearing anything
and you were wearing the same
we stood there looking foolish
and shivered quite a lot
and when it was over, darling
we tried to forget….

but there was no way out 
there is no forgetting 
i’ll always remember you
shivering with the betting